Monday, February 18, 2013

Computer/polish/make-up room tour

I admit, I've totally slacked.  I've had this video on my phone for at least a week or more and keep forgetting to upload it.  I also have pictures to show you.  If you want to watch the video and ignore the babble, just scroll down.

A while back I decided to move everything to one room.  It took a while, but finally got done.  I still need to put some things away and move things around in here a bit, but for now it's totally functional and works.

 This is the main larger portion of my "new" desk.  This used to be the SO's desk but his computer no longer works so it is now mine.  I have candles, UGA things, pictures & other stuff on the top.  I originally wanted to put my polish displays, which you'll see below, on top but was afraid things might fall with the kid running around.  I have a rather large monitor, so this gives me plenty of room and I'm not right on top of it.

 Now you can see the L shape a little better.  The cabinet has some of his stuff in it, but underneath is where I store my lotions, removers and such.  I also have a small space heater under my desk because I tend to get cold very easily.

I previously had this shelving unit in my bathroom.  The only thing I hated  was it got dusty very easily and there was very little room to sorta get around it.  So when I decided to make this into my own room I thought I'd bring my make-up in here too so I could sit and be comfy whilst doing it and not stand being all awkward trying to see in my vanity mirror.  This holds my make-up, my untrieds for polishes, backups, camera bag, etc.  Unfortunately, I can't find this shelving unit anymore on  The closest thing I could find is THIS and I got 2 of the ones I have for the price of that one. 

 This is my photography/storage area.  This desk was the one I previously used.  I can't find it on the Walmart website in black, which is what I have, but they do have it available in another HERE to see.  I've also seen it recently at Big Lots, but I can't remember their price.  I do remember that I picked this one up before school started a few years ago and only paid $30 for it.  It might have been less.  So, that's definitely a good time to shop for stuff like that.  I have a light box that I think I got from Ebay, lamps, giveaway stash, backups, and other stuff sitting on the desk.

Now here is the polish display that you saw above.  I will say that I totally suck at cutting straight lines and probably could've made them better, but they work for what I need them to.  AND they're sturdy enough I'm not afraid that they'll collapse.  I didn't want to hang anything on the walls, and this is perfect because I actually SEE it.  I might actually end up moving it over to my desk at some point, but for now it's in a great spot.  I found the YouTube tutorial HERE and it was easy to make. 

Now here's the video. 

If I forgot to link anything, or you want to know something, please feel free to ask.

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