Friday, January 11, 2013

Pure Ice Undies

Yesterday I posted some of the velour finish polishes, which are part of the undies for 2013.  Today I have some more.  These 3 polishes are beautiful crellies...or jellies, whichever term you want to use, and I love them.

MONTE CARLO - 2 coats without top coat.  This is a beautiful raspberry jelly. The first coat is a bit streaky and satiny, but the 2nd coat evens it out and shines it up.  I could see more VNL in person than in these pictures.  I will have to compare this to my other pink jellies.

PARTY HARD - 1 coat without top coat.  A gorgeous deep navy blue crelly.  As you can see I accidentally bumped my pinky :x.  This probably would've looked better with 2 coats, but one is great on its own.

JACK POT - 2 coats with top coat.  A bright bubblegum pink crelly with a subtly pink shimmer.  As you may see, I totally miss-applied this on my middle finger at the tips.  DERP.  This is so shiny even without a top coat.  I absolutely love it.

All three of these are amazing & applied like a dream...well minus my errors. 

Pure Ice is available at Walmart stores nationwide.

~Note: These items were sent for my 100% honest review/opinion.

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