Friday, January 25, 2013

Iron Man nails with Kawaii Nail Lacquer

Today I have another one of the polishes I picked up last month from Kawaii Nail Lacquer.  My kid watched me to this mani and let me just say he loved it. 

I wanted the base of this to look like the Arc Reactor in Iron Man's chest.  So I started out with MaxFactor Odyssey Blue(which I showed yesterday) and sponged a little bit of Color Club Lumin-Icecent in the middle of each nail. 

Then I applied 1 coat of Kawaii Nail Lacquer Iron Man & finished it off with a top coat.

Description from the Etsy shop: "Iron man has fine red glitter, more red bar glitter with big red hexagon pieces, with fine holo gold glitter with orange hexagons and orange bar glitter."

This applied beautifully and isn't annoyingly packed with bar glitter.  As you can see, I got a lot of each of the glitters with just one coat and didn't have to blot anything on. 

When I finished this mani, I turned around to show the kiddo and his jaw dropped to the floor.  As you may have seen from a few previous posts, he's a HUGE Iron Man fan.  I told him I will be recreating this again when we go see Iron Man3 when it comes out in May and he was all excited. 

I will definitely be getting more Kawaii polishes in the future and you should too.

This retails for $9.00 in her Etsy shop.  You can shop HERE or visit her Facebook page HERE

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