Friday, January 18, 2013

Glitzology - Bad Things

I've been trying to get things knocked off my wishlist lately and when I saw Glitzology have a Doomsday sale last month I jumped on it.  I already showed y'all My Viking Boyfriend.  Today I have Bad Things & next week I'll show y'all Baby Dragons. 

Above is 1 coat of Bad Things with top coat over Color Club Hot Like Lava. 

From the Etsy store: "Bad Things was inspired by my love for the show True Blood! It features a very deep red/burgundy jelly base with silver holo glitter and squares, black matte glitter, and red hearts, hexes, and shreds."

Of course I absolutely HAD to have this since I'm a True Blood junkie....and add My Viking Boyfriend(even though it's named for her BF) it's totally Eric.  Now I might have to wear both of those together.  I think she needs a whole TB collection....a green & white(with possible other colors) named Merlotte's, one named F*&^ING FAIRY, Fang Banger, and I'm drawing a blank right now on other names.

I really love her polishes and definitely want more.  Especially the cupcake scented cuticle oil.  I'd probably use it like a mad woman.

You can find her Facebook page HERE and  shop her Etsy store HERE.  These full size retail for $8.50.

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  1. That's a super cool glitter mix (ashamed to admit I've never watched True Blood so I don't get the references *hands over nerd card*) BUT I have to check out the cupcake scented cuticle oil!


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