Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Girly Bits - Hulk Smash!

Boy do I have an awesome polish for y'all today.  My son is absolutely loving me for having and wearing this.  Around the holiday Llarowe had a bunch of sales going on and I just had to snag this one.  The boy is a HUGE fan of The Avengers.  And since the most recent movie, we say "Hulk Smash!" a LOT. Plus, in school my 2 fav colors were green & purple. 

I'll stop babbling and show y'all the pretty.  I'll have more after the pics.

These pics were taken outside with my cell phone and macro lens.

My camera didn't seem to want to capture this polish as amazingly as it is in person, so I took the shots above to show how truly bright this is. 

Above is 3 coats of Hulk Smash! with topcoat.

Now I'll show y'all 2 coats of Hulk Smash over 2 coats of Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud.

This is a gorgeous bright green jelly with blue micro/shimmer glitters and purple shreds.  I was honestly afraid of the shreds, but they're not all crazy and stiff & don't need Gelous to smooth it out.  As it's neon-ish, it does dry to a semi-matte finish so it definitely needs a top coat. 

When I first swatched this alone, I showed Hunter the pics when he got home from school and he fell on the ground at its awesomenes.  He said it looks like Hulks shoulders ripped.  A few days later I put it on again and when he got home he says, "Yay!!!  You're wearing Hulk again!!!". 

I'm really happy with this purchase.  You can see it HERE on the Girly Bits shop & see links for the various e-tailers where you can purchase this and her other pretties. 


  1. Surprisingly pretty! It's cute that your son likes it!

  2. That green is absolutely killer!


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