Monday, January 28, 2013

Color Club Halo-Graphic

As I sit here at 4:30am early Monday morning, I'm kicking myself for not having this up sooner....or even having the entire collection done sooner.  I know most of you are looking at these still or even looking to get some of the 2013 holo's they're releasing.

I've had the Color Club Halo Hues since mid November and have just been lax about getting them up.  I sold a few polishes last summer and had a friend out an order in with her BSS as soon as these were available to order.  Fortunately with the delay in production on these they arrived just in time for my birthday. :D

I've even actually worn a few and showed some pictures on Instagram, but I'm a total slacker.  I have all of them swatched too.  I got home late yesterday evening and ended up playing some Borderlands 2 then goofed off on HBO and YouTube.  Now I'll stop babbling and at least get this done before the sun comes up.

Above pics were taken in my light box with flash.

These two were taken in the light box with the flash covered.

And this bad boy was in the light box with the flash up close.

I used 3 coats of Halo-Graphic with a top coat.  This is a gorgeous baby pink strong linear holo.  I really didn't think I'd be able to capture the pink without being blinded by the holo, but thankfully I did.

Honestly it's holo in any light.  The sun wasn't out when I swatched this and I really didn't even need it.  Side note: If you see any weird marks on my's from where I "tried" to spot heal to hide the shine from not letting the lotion dry fully before taking pictures.  They were flashy!

I've also seen that these are amazing for stamping and I will have to try that out. 

Do y'all have any of these?  What are your fav's?  Which of the 2013 ones do y'all want?

BTW, don't forget about the giveaway I'm participating is in the sidebar on the top. 

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