Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Color Club Angel Kiss

Sorry for the late post today.  As I said on Facebook my stomach issues flared up last night and lasted into most of today.  I'm feeling a little better& thought I'd share this while I work on some stuff for this week.

I'm just now getting around to swatching and photographing this, but I actually wore it in December when I went to Ikea to purchase my Helmer.  I literally could NOT stop staring at my nails all day.

When I did these pictures, the sun was not out so all of them are taken in my light box.  The holo in these Halo Hues polishes is so strong it's holo in practically any light.

I used 3 coats of Angel Kiss plus a top coat.  This is a gorgeous seafoam green linear holo.  It almost looks blue/silver, but as you can see in the pics where I hid my flash it's green.  :D

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  1. This is the shade I wore for 13 days without any chipping or signs of wear (other than grow out). The formula is totally awesome!


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