Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Acrylic Color Paints from Born Pretty Store

When Born Pretty Store contacted me to do a review, I thought "YAY, I can work on my resolutions for this year by doing more nail art!"  Today I wake up with Tornado warnings/watches & figured it was a good time to try and keep my mind busy on something.

This Acrylic Color Paints set retails for $9.99 and comes with 12 different colors.  Those colors are: Titanium White, Lemon Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Vermillion, Crimson Red, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Sap Green, Viridian, Ultramarine, Phthalo Blue, and Black.  The tubes are sealed & require the lid to puncture the top.  Each tube is 0.4fl. oz.

With these colors, you can pretty much make any color that you want by mixing a few together & that's exactly what I did.  I took Crimson Red alone and then took a little bit to mix with Titanium White to make a pink shade.

I used a CD case, it was the first thing I could find.

 I honestly wasn't sure what I wanted to do, so I kinda winged it.  I started out with a brush, then ended up just using toothpicks.  This is what I came up with. 

I started out with one coat of WnW Black Creme & topcoated it.  Once that was dry I went in with the red, then the pink to make some hearts.  After that dried, which wasn't long at all, I covered it all with a topcoat again.

These paints were easy to mix and didn't dry out at all on the palette.  Once they were put on my nail, they dried within a few minutes and didn't smear one bit when topcoat was applied.  That's WAY more than I can say for my experience with using polish for nail art.    I really can't wait to try playing with these again, but I think I'll wait until after the storms are gone. :D

If you'd like to try these or anything else from Born Pretty Store, please be sure to use code MLK91 to get 10% off. 

~Note: These items were sent for my 100% honest review/opinion.

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  1. I never thought about using acrylics for nail art. I'll have to try this. Its pretty cool :)


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