Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Skindinävia has the perfect stocking stuffer!!!

Have a BFF who loves make-up?  Maybe a sister or a sister-in-law??  Then Skindinävia Makeup Finishing Spray is what they need. 

I've seen numerous reviews and raves about this and was excited at the opportunity to try & test it.  I have oily skin, though it's not as oily since I've been using the OCM method.  Generally a few hours into the day, my make-up is cracking and breaking down.  BUT NOT WITH THIS STUFF!!!  Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of me wearing it, and my pictures in this post were taken with my cell phone as my memory card is currently MIA.  I think it's hiding from me on purpose. 

I received the Holiday Hero 4 pack, which includes 4 of the 20ml sprays.  It retails for $25 and is great for stocking stuffers or even to carry in your purse or overnight bag.  I'm not sure on airline regulations, but it might possibly even be perfect for travel as well. 

This past weekend I gave it the best test I thought I could possibly do.  Shopping in a crowd.  Around 9am I applied my make-up and used my Garnier BB cream as my foundation.  Per the directions, I waited until spraying my face to apply my mascara.  I shook it very well and sprayed in a T & X shape to make sure I covered my entire face.  It is eye tested. 

Then we made the 45 minute drive to Ikea in Atlanta.  For anyone who's been to Ikea, you know it's crowded on the weekends, and with crowds comes lots of body heat.  We walked around for a few hours & made our purchases.  I was extremely hot in there.  On the way home we stopped at a few more stores and walked around.  I think we got home around 4ish.  I had zero oily spots or make-up break down.  I even went to a neighbors house that evening for a few hours and my make-up still looked like I'd just put it on. 

I have to say that this product is nothing short of amazing.  They have a few different types of finishing spray...No More Shine, Bridal, and original(which is the one I have).  I would really like to try the No More Shine. 

You can purchase the Holiday Hero 4 pack for $25, or the individual sizes; 2oz. for $19, 4oz for $29, or 8oz for $39 at  Please note the Bridal Finish is only available in the 4oz size.

~Note: Product was sent to me for a 100% honest review.

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