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MABB Bi-weekly Beauty Question - Holiday Beauty Wishlist

Have you missed us?! We didn't go into a winter hibernation, although that would have been amazing! Instead, MABB collectively decided to take a mini-break from the bi-weekly questions in order to spend more time with our families over Thanksgiving and to start prepping ourselves for the holiday rush. But now we'll be back to normal for a few weeks! Thanks for your patience and understanding!

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Each Wednesday, the Metro Atlanta Beauty Bloggers will answer a beauty-related question just for fun! This week's question is...

What tops your holiday beauty wish list this year?
There's a LOT of  items on my wishlist this year.  Make-up, nail polish, storage, etc.  I'll list my top ten.

  1. Urban Decay Naked Palette - This has been on my wishlist since it released.  I was so close to getting this over the summer, but opted for a new camera lens.  One day, it WILL be mine!
  2. Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette - Of course this is new, and not quite the Naked palette, but at half the price and with the basic neutral's perfect.  
  3. Bundle Monster 2012 Stamping Plates - This is the 3rd set from Bundle Monster.  I have the 2nd one, but for me this one is a must have.  I love all the images.  
  4. Cheeky Nail Plates - No, I don't stamp as much as I'd love to, but with this and the set above I definitely would.  I am amazed by the images in this set as well.  
  5. Ikea Helmer - To store my expanding polish collection.  I really wish they had this in black, but red will be an acceptable substitute.  I am actually hoping to get this soon, like this weekend soon. 
  6. Sigma Make Me Crazy Essential Brush Kit - The E30 is a biggie on my list and this kit has that plus more. 
  7. Girly Bits polishes - ALL THE POLISHES!!!  I have a few mini's, but I would love all the Girly Bits.  I've tried a few indies & there are several brands on my wishlist, but I drool every time I see a new GB.  Hulk Smash, Jelly Shoes, Roger That, Razzle Dazzle just to name a few.
  8. A Hair Dryer - I used my sisters a few weeks ago and loved it, but forgot to write down what kind it is.  I'm waiting on a response from her.  When I was talking to Mandy last night, she suggested this Conair Infiniti Pro.  The one I have doesn't really have 3 settings like it says, they're either way hot or cold.  There is no warm.  And the retractable cord isn't all that long.  
  9. B&BW Winter Candy Apple - Yes, everything in that scent.  I still have a pocketbac from ummmmm 2 years ago in this scent & haven't used it yet.  I have a candle that I snagged this year along with some hand soap.  My sister has a stockpile of this scent in her bathroom.  I just love the smell of apple.  There are plenty of other scents I love from B&BW, but this is their LE Holiday one and ZOMG.
  10. Lush Bath Bombs - So far I've only used Butterball, but it has totally made me want more.  This was the best thing I've ever used in the bath while shaving my legs.  Thankfully I have a LUSH store nearby.  
So, that wraps up my beauty wishlist.  Sorry I didn't have it up sooner.  There's actually a lot of things that didn't make it on here, but you can check that out on my Pinterest  or Amazon wishlists. 

What tops your beauty wishlist this year?

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