Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pretty & Polished Sand Art

Finally......I have Sand Art by itself.  I was super excited to get this polish over the summer and even wore it on my vacation.  You can check out that mani HERE

First, I'm going to show Sand Art by itself....without a top coat.  This is 3 coats over a glue base. 

Now, with top coat....

 I do suggest wearing either a few coats of top coat or Gelous + a top coat over this.  This is totally packed with green, blue, pink, and purple glitters.  I just grabbed the closest top coat and threw it on....but it's just as shiny without it.  The glitters are matte, but not a dull matte. 

This was the first Pretty & Polished I purchased and I love it.  So much that I went and bought Jawbreaker & Black Swan(both of which I've already shown).  I definitely need more.  ( birthday is tomorrow)

You can find Sand Art on Etsy for $8.50. :D

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