Tuesday, November 6, 2012

ManGlaze on Fire......Fantasy Fire

Today y'all get a two for one deal.  Without the pesky shipping & handling charges. 

First up, is ManGlaze Mayonnaise.  I got this little sample size bottle in one of my orders and will definitely have to get the full size. 

Mayonnaise is an amazeballz matte white.  Above is 3 coats with no top coat.  For you fashion peeps, this is the perfect winter white.  It would be perfect for nail art too.....snowflakes & snowmen.  Remember when you used to paint your nails with Wite Out because you were bored?  This reminds me of that....minus the annoying chunks. 

Then because I just couldn't leave that alone I had to pull out one of my new pretties and layer it.  I won a giveaway from glowstars.net and was allowed to choose between US or UK brands.  Since I'm in the US I went with UK.  I told her a few of my lemmings, my fav types of polishes, and to just surprise me.  She crushed a lemming with this.

That's right.....that's Max Factor Fantasy Fire.  2 coats with top coat.

Fantasy Fire is a sheer purple jelly with a multi-chrome shimmer.  It flashes copper, red, green, and gold.  This polish instantly transforms anything you layer it over.  Over top of Mayo, it looks like a purple shimmery watercolor. 

I really wish MaxFactor would come back to the US.  I used to wear their make-up all the time & was disappointed when they left.

I absolutely love these two together and separate.  What about you?  What's your favorite polish to layer Fantasy Fire over, if you have it?


  1. Nice swatches of awesome polishes! Fantasy fire FTW. Max Factor does need to come back here!

  2. Omg now I want Fantasy Fire even more! Darn!


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