Friday, October 12, 2012

Pink Gradient for Breast Cancer Awareness

I haven't done any awareness mani's in a while & finally sat down to do one.  I let my kiddo pick the colors out for this one and I think he did a great job.

KleanColor Sheer Pastel Pink(which I showed by itself yesterday), Wet N Wild Candy-licious(I think he just liked the name of this), and Dr's Remedy Hopeful.

I started off with 2 coats of Sheer Pastel Pink, sponged on a little bit of Candy-licious on about 2/3 of the nail, then sponged Hopeful on the top 1/3 of my nail.  Cleaned it up and topped it off with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri.

The subtle transition between these shades is perfect.  I think my son did an amazing job with his shade choices.  I think I've mentioned this before, but when doing a sponging mani, I always take a lip balm & rub it around the nail bed on the skin to make clean-up easier.  Otherwise I end up staining my skin like crazy.

Make sure to check in later as I took this one step further.

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