Monday, October 15, 2012

In case you missed it....10/14...well now 10/15

My uber late weekly round-up...

This week's funnies are in honor of season 3 of The Walking Dead starting up!

Source: via Harri on Pinterest

I just started watching this show halfway through last season, yes I watched them all in order before picking up on it in the middle.  I absolutely LOVE it.  And growing up around Atlanta, some of the scenes bring back memories just from where they're filmed.  In fact, I used to ride bikes with my cousins around the "town" they're in this season.

I finally got a toon to level 90 in World of Warcraft(WoW) the other day & I've been working on dailies.  That & TWD are the reason this post is late.  Well that & I had to go mail off a package and get some groceries.  I haven't really done anything exciting.  The kiddo was out of school Friday & is off Monday too.  I did get some polishes this weekend that I need to swatch.  I'm hoping my new cuticle pusher gets here soon.  I had to quit using the square metal one from Sally's as it was making my nails peel & the orangewood one really just doesn't cut it.

Monday ~ I started the week off with a kewl silver holo

Tuesday ~  I did my first real freehand nail art which had pumpkins & spider webs

Wednesday ~ The MABB girls & I told y'all our favorite things about beauty products.   

Thursday ~ Sheer Pastel Pink glided on for Breast Cancer Awareness. 

Friday ~ I went  shiny & matte with a pink gradient for Breast Cancer Awareness. 

This upcoming week I have some nail art for Halloween for y'all.  I actually have a few of those posts I need to type up.  Hopefully I'll get some swatching done.  I have a wedding in the mountains to go to next weekend and I'm planning to hit up the apple festival too.  Now I must go finish up my WoW dailies as I have just under an hour to get them done.

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