Friday, September 21, 2012

Red & Black Smokey Mani

I think I saw this technique somewhere, but can't remember for sure.  I did have a few goof's, which I will tell you about those after the pictures and let you know how NOT to mess up like I did.

I'll start by telling you what I did do.  I used Wet N Wild I Red A Good Book & Wet N Wild Black Creme for this mani.  I put red on my index and middle fingers(one at a time) and used a somewhat thick coat.  While that was still wet, I put a few small drops of black on top.  Then, using a dotting tool that has an end similar to a needle or toothpick, I swirled the two colors together.  I placed black on my ring and pinky fingers then did the same with the red.  I did not use any top coat.

Now, I'll tell you how I goofed this up.  I started out with my index finger and accidentally placed too much black so I had to add a little bit of red, which made it darker.  I also went a little too deep with the tool and kinda left a few scrape looking marks in the polish down to the nail.  I was able to fix a few spots, but missed others.  Those aren't bubbles, but where I went too deep.  I possibly could've corrected and filled in those little gaps with top coat, but I had to hurry up and remove this so I could run some errands. 

I will definitely be trying this again.  What do you think?

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