Wednesday, September 5, 2012

MABB Weekly Beauty Question - Week 6

Each Wednesday, the Metro Atlanta Beauty Bloggers will answer a beauty-related question just for fun! This week's question is...

What has been your biggest blogging challenge thus far?
This is a slightly tough one, but I have a few.  The major one is actually posting content.  When I'm sick or get hit with a bout of depression, my blog is the last thing on my mind.  Though, I generally try to keep ahead with pre-drafted posts to use them if I need them.

The other would be that I'm my own worst critic.  I don't have the most perfect fingers or nails, I even have one finger/nail that's shaped weird, but I still post.  Nobody is perfect, but I still criticize myself worse than any of my readers ever could.  I make mistakes, we all do, and I share those to help keep you from making them. 

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  1. sometimes our "imperfections" is what makes us unique:)


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