Sunday, September 16, 2012

In case you missed it...9/16

My round-up for this week.

I forgot to take a before picture, but here's an new haircut.  I went for a pixie cut.  I was so very tired of dealing with it and having overly dry ends no matter what I did.  It's just so much easier, for me, when it's shorter.

This is honestly the shortest I've EVER had my hair.  I'm still trying to adjust to it.

I'm still feeling kinda "blah" both physically and emotionally.  I did get out of the house yesterday and get some necessities for the house.  I also picked up some glue to try the easy way for glitter removal.  If you haven't heard, here's what I'm talking about.  My dad also came up yesterday & spent the night.

Monday ~ Chocolate Ganache = <3

Tuesday ~  I finally got around to using Coral Stone.   

Wednesday ~ The MABB girls & I gave our thoughts on nail polish trends

Thursday ~ Play 'Til Midnight partied its way into my life. 

Friday ~ #79 a red jelly slid on my nails & into a Dorothy sammich

This week is just another week & as usual nothing is planned.

My Giveaway ends Saturday, 9/22 if you haven't already entered. 

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