Thursday, September 20, 2012

China Glaze - Naughty and Nice

FINALLY, I have this polish!  I've been drooling over it forever and while checking out a new(to me) website, The Beauty Clutch, I found it in stock.  This is from the 2010 'Tis The Season To Be Naughty And Nice holiday collection.  In case you didn't already know, I absolutely LOVE shades like this, but more about that after the pictures....

Naughty and Nice is a deep plumy purple with a syrup like consistency.   It's so deep that it almost looks black, but if you look at the pic below, with flash, you can see the beauty that is this polish.

All pictures above are 2 coats of Naughty and Nice with no top coat.  I don't know how well this would work with layering flakies or glitter between layers, but I plan to try.

If you want this polish, click HERE or browse her site for others.  She carries a wide variety of some of the big name brands & occasionally posts deals/promo's on her Facebook page as well. I bought this and a few others to kill some lemmings so I'll have those up soon.


  1. Now that is a great color! Isn't The Beauty Clutch awesome?! They carry a lot of those older hard to find polishes!

  2. Looks like syrupy blood! now i must have it...


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