Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Naked Demeter w/ Attitude

I have a new(to me) polish to show y'all as well as some nail art. Recently, I picked up Deborah Lippmann Naked at TJ Maxx for just under $6. I was hoping to find something else, but went ahead and got this one. You can't pass up $6 DL polishes and I really needed a nude/neutral shade.

I think I ended up using 4 coats plus a top coat.  I was half asleep while applying this polish and was all sorts of sloppy.  I can really see myself wearing this alone when I need a break from color.

My whole reason for showing this polish today was to show you the nail art I did with it.  DL Naked is the base color and I added piCture pOlish Demeter & piCture pOlish Attitude that I showed y'all the other day for the 2012 Blog Fest.

In my head I was thinking fireworks....but that didn't happen when I started applying them.  My kiddo says they look like feathers.  I took a small nail art brush and dipped it in Demeter, brushed it on, then did the same with Attitude.  On my pinky & ring fingers, the polish was fresh and therefore kinda gloopy on the brush.  It started drying a little bit on my middle & index fingers giving a more whispy look.  Either way, I love this mani and all 3 of these polishes.

Note: the 2 piCture pOlish shades were provided for review.


  1. This neutral is amazing on you! And DAMN 6 bucks for a DL?!! I need to check out the TJ Maxx near my house because I had no idea it was possible!


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