Sunday, August 26, 2012

In case you missed it....8/26

Here's this weeks round-up.

This week's picture is a t-shirt I really want.  The season finale of True Blood is on soon and I'll be playing WoW, so I'll watch it later.  I can't wait & I'm really sad that this season is over so soon.

This past week was another pretty chill week.  I've been doing a LOT of cleaning and re-arranging.  I have a TON of stuff that is ready to go to Goodwill after going through the munchkins toys.  I usually do that about once a year.  Yesterday he & I spent the afternoon together doing a little bit of shopping and picked some library books out for him.  I also picked up a few more polishes for my giveaway stash which seems to be growing....just waiting for me to give them away.  Then the rest of the day was spent with my BFF just walking around a mall....and I didn't get ANYTHING!  Shocking, I know. 

Monday ~ I swatched 3 awesome Ebalay polishes from KKcenterHk....Orchid, Golden Blue, & Medium Purple

Tuesday ~ A pretty layering combo with some amazing Fall colors. 

Wednesday ~ The Metro Atlanta Beauty Bloggers(MABB) answered how old we were when we got into make-up. 

Thursday ~ I finally got around to swatching a pretty pink OPI that I've had for a while. 

Friday ~ I fell in LOVE with Jawbreaker

This coming week/weekend is going to be pretty exciting.  Some friends that have been working out of town for a while will FINALLY be coming back home, so I get to hang with them again.  Though one of them has already told me I have to show him how to work his new phone.  College football starts back up & I'm ready to see the DAWGS play again!  And even though plans haven't yet been finalized, I'm supposed to be meeting some wonderful ladies for lunch next Sunday. 

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Is anyone else looking forward to fall???

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