Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wet N Wild On A Trip

Well.....I'm on a trip, but it's a trip back home.  So enjoy this scheduled post.  Monday, we return to our regularly scheduled blogging.  :D

I just have to say I <3 this Megalast polish.  I recently wore this on my nails with an Ozotic Mish Mash over it and <3.  I tweeted the picture of that mani a few times even though it looked blue.

I was afraid I would have to color correct the pictures I took, as they looked blue on my camera's display...but alas they ended up purple when I loaded them into Photoshop.  :D

On A Trip is a beautiful grape purple cream that leans towards blue.  As with all of the Megalast polishes I've tried so far, this is a one coater, but I used two.  I might have to compare this to some of the other purples in my collection.

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