Monday, July 30, 2012

piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2012 - Attitude & Demeter

YAY!  I want to apologize in advance for being so late in getting this post up(still recovering from vacation) and for my rambling.  I'm so excited that I was chosen to participate in the piCture pOlish Blog Fest again this year(I did it last year too, with VooDoo).

As I stated, I have a TON of pics and please ignore my owwie on my ring finger.  I tried to capture these polishes in different lighting so you'll know exactly what they look like when you get them at home.  I know you'll want them.

First up, is Attitude......cause every girl needs some!  Attitude is a collaboration by piCture pOlish and Kim at Overall Beauty.  It is a beautiful deep purple with scattered holo glitter.  It's like a galaxy, if the night sky was purple & stars were holo.  Isn't that every polish lovers wish?  I needed 3 coats for perfection...I was sloppy with application, no top coat.  This shade is exclusive to Overall Beauty and piCture pOlish online. 

I loved how my camera blurred the holo on my nail on this one.

It almost looks linear, but it's not.  I really love this shade...then again I'm a purple freak.

Next up is Demeter....for all the down to earth goddesses!  Demeter is a collaboration by piCture pOlish and Katie at Harlow & Co.  This is an amazing chocolate brown with scattered holo.  When I was looking at this outside in the shade, it looked like a chocolate bar covered in sand...or a Nestle Crunch Bar.  This could've been a 1 coater, but I used 2...with no top coat.  This shade is exclusive to Harlow & Co and piCture pOlish online.

Now I want an edible chocolate bar that looks like this.

The bottles even have a QR code on the side so that you can scan it with your phone to take you directly to the piCture pOlish or network member website where the item was purchased.  :D

I'll be playing with these shades for a post later this week.  These are perfect fall shades and I'm totally in LOVE. 

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Note: the polishes in this post were provided for my 100% honest review.

See the other bloggers who participated below. :D


  1. You captured the holo particles in Attitude beautifully =]! Great swatches!

  2. Why haven't I bought tons of picture polish yet?! Will fix this soon!!!!!

  3. These look great on you! I am definitely going to pick both of these up!


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