Sunday, July 22, 2012

Guest Post: Ginger & Liz polishes from Carinae L'etoile

Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to meeeee...Happy birthday dear me, happy birthday to meeeeeeeee

I'm excited to be a guest blogger on Trailer Hood Chic's blog. Every time I see her name I giggle a little because I am reminded of a song by Toby Keith called Trailer Hood. Go to You Tube and check it out - it is very funny! Anyway, what I'll be showcasing today is my all time favorite brand called Ginger and Liz. Have you heard of these gals? Have you tried any of their stuff? No?! I think you should. Ginger and Liz is this amazing duo who are friends that have this crazy love for nail polish. What I'll be featuring today are two colors - Ginger and Liz Dancehall Queen and Ginger and Liz Most Wanted.

First and foremost - the formula on this is TO DIE FOR! Ginger and Liz Dancehall Queen was a tad bit thick and goopy, but once on the nail it dried so fast and so smooth it was hard to believe that there was a slight application problem. Ginger and Liz Dancehall Queen is described on their site as "...This go to tangelo/melon shade is by far one of the juiciest shades introduced in the nail category this season. Dance Hall Queen is a crème bright tangelo nail lacquer with neon affects that makes for a gorgeous pairing with chunky jewelry and a fresh face with bronzed accents."  Neon this orange is! One can't say that it isn't, wouldn't you agree? This color was so bright and so incredibly neon my camera freaked out and didn't even begin to capture a fraction of how wonderful this shade is. Some may wear this color on their toes, but I like it on my fingers.

Dancehall Queen shade

Dancehall Queen sun

Next up is Ginger and Liz Most Wanted which is described on their site as "...Most Wanted was inspired by the feminine yet edgy and cool mustard “it” colour that has hit the fashion world by storm, again. We created a harvest like gamboge-mustard hue with a crème finish that compliments all skin tones. Definitely a must try!" This particular formula and shade for me were a dream. I never thought a color like this could look halfway decent on me, but I was wrong! Intensely shiny before even applying a top coat, I fell in love with this while swatching. It was also fast drying. I just may have to wear it today for my birthday!

Most Wanted shade

Most Wanted sun

Thank you, Trailer Hood Chic, for letting me guest post. For more Ginger and Liz colors, make sure to stop by my blog - . I'll be featuring more Ginger and Liz colors in the next day or two in addition to continuing my birth month celebration with yet another giveaway. Make sure to enter the one that's running right now and the one that will be up after this one ends.

~ Thank you Carinae for guest posting for me while I'm on vacation & HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  I'm not a huge orange fan, but I'd probably wear Dancehall Queen on my toes. :D  Y'all be sure to go tell her Happy Birthday and follow her blog. 

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