Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Best Sence Elegant Color Glossy Nail Polish from KKCenterhk

So Yesterday I showed you a set of polishes from KKCenterhk.  Today I have another set.  This is the Elegant Color Glossy set (03-14-22) which retails for $21.82 USD. 

If you want to shop at KKCenterhk, use coupon code: trailerhoodchic for 10% off.  You can also click the banner on the sidebar. :D

I was a little disappointed with this set as one of the colors looks totally different with the online bottle shot than it does in person....but onto the stuffs. 

 03 - Very pale minty green.  This is 2 coats & it wasn't streaky or chalky at all. 

14 - Deep Grape-y Purple.  2 coats.  This is the one that kinda disappointed me.  The bottle shot on the website looks like a deep dusky navy color.  It's still pretty though.

22 - Dusty Rose almost mauve-ish.  2 coats.

As with yesterdays post I can't remember if I used a top coat on these or not as I was waiting on some info before posting and then was delayed by the horrible cold I had.  You can't tell from the swatch pictures, but the lids to these are a beautiful rosey/gold/chrome color.  I really like the shape of the bottle as well.  The stick on the brush is flat and similar to that of the higher end US brands.  For these, the first coat was a little bit streaky on 22 & 14, but the second coat smoothed it right out.  I really like all of these.

Be sure to go check out KKCenterhk and look at their awesome selection of polishes, makeup, lashes, and more.  Don't forget to use the code "trailerhoodchic" for 10% off.  :D


Note: The products in this post were sent to review for my 100% honest opinion.

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