Monday, April 2, 2012

New(or a reminder) and To Do

I find this absolutely funny.  I found it on Pinterest recently and it cracked me up.

So, some things you may or may not have noticed around my blog or seen me mention on twitter......

  • You can now follow me via bloglovin' and NetworkedBlogs if you don't have GFC.
  • I also have a Pinterest page.  :D  I do sometimes pin funny things that may offend some people, so if you're easily offended, please unfollow the boards which contain those pins.
  • I am a Brazen Beauty :D  You can click the link I just posted or the affiliate banner to the right if you wish to check them out or purchase.  Let me just say what I've tried so far is awesome. :D

Now some things I'm planning to work on while the kid is on vacation and NOT HOME this week.....
  •  Design a cover picture for my Facebook profile.  I dislike the timeline, but there's nothing I can do about it.  
  • Get some swatching done, I have a box of untrieds that doesn't even have everything in it and it's full.  I figure I can just get through as much as possible this week so I can be WAY ahead and be able to do more nail art for a while.
  • Work on some reviews.  I have some Brazen shadows to swatch & review, other than the green ones I wore for St. Pats.  I have a couple Girly Bits polishes to swatch, even though you may have seen them already.  I also have 6 on the way from Hong Kong to review. Lastly, some Lush products I was lucky to snag over the weekend and am totally loving.
  • All this on top of cleaning the house & doing laundry.  I may rearrange my living room if my back is up to it. I also need to put my new rug from Ikea on the floor.  
  • Throw everything in Easter baskets for my son.  He will have two this year.  One from us and one from my Dad.  He gave me some money and said go get some things.  SO, all of that was purchased this past weekend and I get to throw it together and hide it before he comes home Saturday.
I'm sure there are other things I forgot to mention above, but oh well.  I have to write them down so I stick to it and make sure I get things done.  Otherwise I say I'll do it and slack off.  

Hope everyone else has a wonderful and if you or your kids are on Spring Break, have tons of fun.


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