Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nabi Sheer Red

I found this recently while on the hunt for KleanColor Sheer Red.  I knew Nabi had crackles and magnetic polishes, but I've never seen regular ones.  While walking around a mall that has a lot of random stores that are considered outlet stores, I found a store that has stuff for around $1 or so.  I saw a display and walked in.

I ended up grabbing this and a glitter polish for $1.50ea.  For this mani, I applied 4 coats.  One coat is like your nails, but better.  It really brightens up the pink in your natural nails.  It's not really a jelly I guess, but it's close.  Kinda just a red tinted clear.

All the pics below are with no top coat.


I did miss a few spots while cleaning up and somehow a blue speck ended up on one of my nails.  I'm planning to try some layering mani's with this polish just to see how it works.


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  1. Wow, that's so unique! I've never seen a polish like that!


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