Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ghina Glaze Agro & Luxe and Lush

Today's mani is 2 of the China Glaze Capitol Colors polishes.  I knew I had to get Agro, if only for the name.  I love green polishes and being a gamer, I use the term Aggro a LOT.  I made the mistake of putting this on without decent lighting while I was the only one awake & watching The Walking Dead.

It's easily a one coater, but I had to use two.  I really like the color on this.  It's an olive-y, metallic-y, almost gold shimmery green.

So pretty.  Makes me think of a moss green.

Then I decided to add Luxe and Lush.  This was a bit of a pain to work with.  I brushed 1 coat on, then had to kinda tap a 2nd one on.  Then, instead of putting a coat of Gelous, I went with 2 coats of SH Insta-Dri.

Now, my pictures looked MUCH better than this mani did in person.  You can see where some of the flakes blobbed on my index finger.  I also noticed that to the naked eye, the flakes looked more like glass shards and less like duochrome pieces of mylar.

I know some people love L&L, but not me.  I prefer something that looks the same in person as it does in pics.


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  1. I agree I do like my polishes to look the same when i buy them as they do in the swatch images. It's a huge let down when they don't :(


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