Tuesday, March 13, 2012

KleanColor Holo Green

YAY!  Green!  KleanColor Holo Green, as with all of their holo's are not like the linear holo's that I totally love.  This is a scattered green holo.  It's kinda between a mint & a seafoam green.  I think this is one that my BFF picked up for me at the flea market a while back, but you can get these at beautyjoint.com and some beauty supply stores that sell KC's.

I wasn't sure, looking at the bottle, how well I would like this but I gave it a go.  It doesn't disappoint.  The base is clear with a slight green tint, with green & holo micro-glitter.  You could totally layer this over any green color to give it some umph(omph, however you spell it) or do as I have today and wear it alone.

My pics are 4 coats of Holo Green with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat.  It was so smooth with the top coat that it didn't need any Gelous.  These first two were taken under the lamp, and I think it's pretty just like this.

But then I turned the lamp off and used my flash & BLAM!

blurred to show the holo.

Ain't that just purdy?  Sorry just had to.



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