Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Melmer & Manicure Area

I did a lot of moving stuff around a few months ago and I'm just now getting around to blogging about it.  I showed these on twitter, but I know not everyone looks/follows me there.  Again, these pictures were taken with my phone so please excuse the quality.  I will eventually do a video showing everything and showing my stash as well.

I wanted an area to do my nails rather than dragging my tv tray out every time and taking up the bar area in my dining room with all of my supplies.  Not to mention that I basically had my nail polish & supplies in just about every room of the house.  This way, it's all in one spot. 

I started out by decorating my Melmer with some stickers I've had laying around for a while.  I'd originally planned to do something else with it, but figured I'd use these so they're not collecting dust. 


Front with all my Happy Bunny stickers.  I've since added a 6th one.

Left side.
I have more stickers I need to add to this one and to another when I get one.

Rather than buying a desk or making one, I kinda recycled one we already had.  It was in the office/playroom area and wasn't being used.  The SO has had it forever and it's just been collecting dust and holding paperwork he had forever.  I made him clean it out for me so I could use it and all that jazz.  I didn't bother with resurfacing it, but just made sure to clean it up & added my stuff all over.  I'll try to get the video done soon when I have a free moment and lots of sun coming in so I don't have to worry about y'all not seeing stuff.  Then I can also go into more detail with everything.

What do y'all think?  I really like it.  Keeps me more organized and all that jazz.



  1. very nice! :) i really don't have my own area...i paint my nails while sitting on the couch haha

    1. LoL, that's what I do still at times, but I like being able to sit there with the sun coming in and I can watch movies on my phone.

  2. cute! glad im not the only one who puts stickers on their storage xD i have 2 helmers and found these green and pink round wall decals at dollar tree, i use them instead of the designated label area.


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