Tuesday, February 14, 2012

KleanColor Love Is In The Air

I'm not really a huge Valentines person.  I love hearts and all that, but that's about it.  So, this is probably about as close to Valentines I'll get(at least this year).

Fortunately, I believe I did this before I lost practically everything on my PC.  I was able to save a few pics, but for the most part anything that hadn't been blogged yet was gone. 

I picked this up at a beauty supply store a few months ago for just $1.  I needed more lighter pinks and this one just spoke to me.  It's a baby pink with a slight shimmer that makes it look glittery.  It's like light cotton candy.  To me, the shimmer almost looks green.

All of my pics below are 3 coats only because I bumped my pinky and just slapped on another coat instead of doing that finger all over again.  It's pretty sheer, but not annoyingly so.

It's so pretty.  I may have to do a spring/Easter mani with this :D


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  1. Very pretty! Love this color! I'm not a huge Valentines person either, but I've been enjoying all the makeup and mani's people have been posting!


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