Thursday, January 19, 2012

My first International swap

I'm going to apologize in advance, I didn't take any pictures with my digital camera.  I used my cell phone instead as I was spending time with my family watching movies and didn't want to forget to take pictures.

Several months ago I saw the press release for the Essence Vampire's Love collection.  I commented on the post another blogger made, and she instantly offered to get them for me if she was able to find 2 sets (one for her & one for myself).  In the states, we rarely get the collections and if we do, you can usually only find 2-3 of them.  Lalica at Nails For Fun said they would be releasing in November.  I knew that would be perfect.  Not only was my birthday in November, but I knew I'd have some birthday money to fund the swap.

We didn't set any limit, but pretty much guessed.  I offered some that I already had and looked at her wishlist so I could add more, and try to get as many of the US polishes as I could off her list and I had a blast doing it.  I'm totally a giver and love getting things for people that I know they want.

You can click HERE to see what I got for her.  I was surprised when my package arrived before hers did....AND it got here on Christmas Eve.  It was like a bonus present.  I opened the bubble mailer to this....

Isn't that box too cute?  Imma keep it forever!
The polishes and these yummy Ki-Ki candies.  They're like apple flavored Starburst.
Now to the polishes......again, I apologize for the cell pic.
The polishes are (L to R):  Top Row- Flormar U08, S-he Stylezone 437, Essence Fairytale 04 Humpty Dumpty, & Flormar U18.  Bottom Row - Essence Vampire's Love - 02 Into The Dark, 04 The Dawn Is Broken, 01 Gold Old Buffy, 05 Hunt Me If You Can, & 03 True Love.

And if all that weren't enough, I got this pretty ring.  not sure which polish it is, but it's adorbs.
Lol, yes I was in my Guinness jammies.

I have these in my bucket of polishes to swatch & try.  I've already worn Flormar U08, with Finger Paints Motley over it, and loved it.  I'll be doing that again once I swatch everything.  I really can't wait to try that S-he, because it looks so much more brown in the bottle, but red in the picture.



  1. What fun! I love doing international swaps! Its so much fun to get to check out other brands! That ring is awesome!

  2. what nail varnish are you wearing in the last picture with the ring? its lovely!!!

  3. Nice swap! And an awesome ring, too!

  4. thats cool for a swap. I am doing a blogging party swap thing although my person never responded back. :( boooo.

    Come visit my blog :
    See you there!

  5. I am glad that you like what I picked for you :)

    Ring is combo of Essence Hard to resist & Essence Blue Addicted ;)

  6. haha, I was going to write that I bet the ring has Essence 78 Blue Addicted in it!


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