Wednesday, December 14, 2011

KleanColor Metallic Purple & an accent nail

Ahhhhh another purple!  I recently went to a beauty supply store near my dad and picked up a few KC's.  As well as some other polishes.  I believe they retailed for just $0.99. 

Metallic Purple is kinda deceiving.  From the bottle, it looks like a metallic with a silver shimmer.  Once it's applied it looks a slight bit darker than the bottle, but finishes sorta matte.  Once a top coat (I used China Glaze Fast Forward) is applied.....OMG.  THEN it really looks metallic.

I had a difficult time photographing this polish as you'll see below, it wanted to show as blue.  In some lighting it looked like a really blue based grape color and in other lighting it looked like a slightly more red grape color.

Under my lamp no flash.
See how it looks totally different than the bottle?  Now this next pic, I kinda edited in Photoshop to show how it looks like in person.  Ignore the pink on my middle finger, it actually looks blue on that part of the nail in real life, but at least you can see the purple.

Under my lamp. no flash, but edited
Now here's a few pics that show the red/pink base flash in it.


sunlight no flash
Then I wanted to play with an accent and try out a new polish.  I grabbed Color Club Sugar Plum Yum which is scented (I picked it up at sally's).  I'm not sure how to describe the scent because all I was smelling was my frasier fir tart that was melting.  SPY is really thickly gloopy and probably could've used a coat of gelous over top.

I probably could've gotten away with 1 coat of Metallic Purple, but went with 2 to be safe.  I think I might try stamping with this to see how well it works, but not yet.  :D



  1. that is an awesome color! love the accent too

  2. Where did you get this brand from, I love it!

  3. I found it at a beauty supply store, but they're also available at

  4. Beautiful color!

    I tagged you. :) I already did a post about it.


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