Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holo Snowflakes FTW!

What better way to do a Christmas mani than to do a HOLO Christmas mani!  I LOVE the look of blue and silver/white together.

I have to go ahead and get this out of the way, but this was not 100% my own original idea.  I have to credit 2 people.  Never Too Much Glitter has a tutorial HERE for snowflakes.  My accent nail was inspired by a mani that you can see HERE done by The Manicured Monkey. 

Now to my mani.  Please keep in mind that I did this kinda overnight while I was having a bout of insomnia + a toothache.  I used the following polishes...

Golden Rose 102, OPI DS Glamour, and Glitter Gal Light As A Feather

I also used a ORLY French Tip White to draw on some snowflakes with my dotting tool and a toothpick as you'll see below.  I used 2 coats of Glamour on 4 fingers and then Light As A Feather on my ring finger.  THEN, I drew snowflakes over Glamour and using some thin striping tape put some Glamour over top of Light As A Feather.

I couldn't leave the white alone so I took some of the Golden Rose 102 and alternated it with Light As A Feather over top of the white.

I really really really love this.  I wish I had a green holo so I could do a red/green/gold look.  I might be able to arrange that though with some Spectraflair top coat that I have.  :D

Now I'm trying to decide if I want to leave this alone and go ahead with the same idea on the right hand....OR take off everything but my ring finger and do Glamour + Light as a Feather on the rest of my fingers to match but yet be opposite.  I'm doing some family pics this weekend and really don't want to look too Christmas-y.



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