Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Color Club Beyond The Mistletoe pt. 2

Today I have the last 3 shades from this collection to show you.  As well as hopefully a better set of collages.  If you'd like to see the first 3, click HERE

These 3 are pretty much like the first 2.  Took me 4 coats to get the results you'll see in the pics below and they're all a clear base.  The only one that I noticed any holo look to was some of the glitter in Gingerbread.....and when I took a pic of it with my new phone, ZOMG at how it glittered.

Jingle Jangle - Mine looks like it has more purple than blue, but it's purple & blue with a clear base.

Candy Cane - It looks like a multi pink glitter with a little bit of silver.

Gingerbread - I don't normally like gold shades, but this is awesome.  Gold glitter with some holo glitter in there too.  It's like a gold disco ball.

I really liked these, and with the exception of Holiday Splendor think they should all be used over a base color.  Or maybe in a jelly sammich.  I don't own and solid jelly colors or I'd do just that.  :D


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  1. Sparkly pretties =)LOVE how you put the pics =)


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