Monday, December 19, 2011

Color Club Beyond The Mistletoe pt. 1

Sorry my post is so late.  Life has been all sorts of crazy lately.  Not only am I kinda behind on posts, but I"m behind on reviewing.  So, this is a 2 for 1 deal.  I'm trying out a new software, that I'll tell you about later, AND showing you some pretty polishes.

I picked up the Beyond The Mistletoe set at Ross a few weeks ago for my birthday.  I was shocked, because I can NEVER seem to find the sets I want at Ross.  And they had like 6-7 of them along with 2 other collections.  I'll show you 3 today and 3 tomorrow.  So, here we go.....

Please click to enlarge.

Sugar Plum Fairy - This took 4 coats to get what I'm showing you.  It's a very light purple holo glitter with a clear base.  DEFINITELY needs to be layered over something or it'll take more than 4 coats to get full opacity.

Beyond The Mistletoe - This one took 4 coats as well.  It's a light blue/silver holo glitter with a clear base.  Also needs to be layered.  Really pretty.

Holiday Splendor - Now this is my absolute favorite.  This took 2 coats.  Yeah, I probably could've used more, but I liked the way it looked after 2.  This is a green holo glitter with a green jelly base.  In the bottle, it's ALMOST similar to China Glaze Atlantis, a few shades lighter/brighter.  THIS is the one I will most likely wear for Christmas. 

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for the remaining 3 of this collection, AND to see another collage.


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