Sunday, November 20, 2011

KleanColor Blood

I recently had the opportunity to meet Amanda, a fellow polish freak who did a guest post a few weeks ago, while I was in her area visiting some family.  Of course, we met up at a beauty supply store near her that carries various brands such as KleanColor, NYX, NK, Absolute!, and some others that I can't think of right now.  They've just started carrying Cherimoya so I'll be going there again next week when I kidnap her to go Black Friday shopping.  We had a blast & were trying to convince my SO that he needed to try on some of the wigs they had.  He wouldn't do it, but he did hold my polish basket for me :D

Anywho, I saw this and had to get it just for the name.  Not even thinking that it was already on my wishlist.  Blood is a brick-ish red cream that's just short of being vampy.  It's perfectly named though.  I had no issues with application.  All pics below are 2 coats.  The first one is more true to color than the rest, but I love it and it's like no other red that I currently have.

I still can't believe this is a $0.99 polish! 



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