Monday, November 14, 2011

Birthday Week Guest Post starring The Manicured Monkey & BK 20 Black Holo

Happy Birthday to Harri!!! Here's a black holo for you (get it, black, over the hill.... holo week... *crickets*)

I really love a good holographic polish :) One that's black and one coat is awesome as well.  This is BK 20 and I actually used two thin coats (you could get opacity in one if you want). The one thing I love most about this polish is that it has diamond dust in it so it has much more holo-y goodness. The linear holo rainbow is strong on this polish, you can see it has blue, green, red/orange, yellow. I added SV as a top coat and you can see it didn't dull the effect. I've actually never had a holo that's been dulled by a top coat. This polish came from Hong Kong in a swap I did but I hear if you search hard enough you can find it in the U.S. now (by search I mean the internet, not in stores). 

Happy Birthday again to Harri and thanks for letting me invade your blog today :) 

Thank you Kristin for making me realize I need a black holo.  AND that I'm getting older tomorrow :p  

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