Thursday, October 6, 2011

Korpse Kosmetics Eyeshadows :D

I can honestly say NOW I have my first indie product ever.  The lovely Kimi aka KimiToxxxic on YouTube has a line called Korpse Kosmetics.  You can see/purchase these HERE on Facebook.  Also, be sure to check out their YouTube channel HERE as they get it up and running.  Kimi was kind enough to send me a few shadows to review. 

Tomorrow you'll see one of the colors used.  I was so glad she sent Halo because I thought I had a yellow and didn't realize that I didn't until I went to use it today.  Y'all should've seen the list of colors I chose and told her to just pick whatever and send it to me.  LoL. 

Now, to the pics...

Kali - a yellow toned orange
Graveyard - a dark rusty shade (similar to my Bare Escentuals liner shadow in Black Ruby - comparison below)
Halo - a canary yellow
Adra - a light baby purple
Virgin Slut - a shimmery off white (yes I <3 the name) good for highlight
Exorcist - a yellow toned light green

These are all core shades which run about $5 each and she also has collections for $25 each.  All pictures are in her albums HERE

I swatched these over a thin layer of ELF primer potion, and used a brush to dab/swirl them on a little bit so that I didn't get anything under my nails.  I didn't have any issues with any of them and strangely love all of them.  I wasn't sure, at first, about Kali since I'm not an orange person, but I <3 it. 

Now in my descriptions of the colors I said Graveyard looks like my Bare Escentuals liner shadow in Black Ruby.  Black Ruby is my absolute FAVORITE liner shadow color even though I've not used it in forever.  Graveyard was on my list that I gave Kimi and I didn't even think until I opened it how close it looks to Black Ruby.  So now I know IF I ever run out of Black Ruby, Graveyard is my definite back-up! 

The only real difference I even see in the two is Black Ruby actually has a slight bit of black in it.  Other than that, it's pretty dead on IMO. 

These shadows are amazing.  I'm already thinking of looks to do with them, but for now I need to go edit my pics for tomorrow's Football Friday post. :D



  1. Wow, thanks for sharing this with us. I didn't know about this company but I'm really liking the swatches and shades. I'd like to try them out too :) Eyeshadows with cute names really get my attention :)

  2. These are so pretty! I've lost interest in shadows lately because of my ridiculous collection that I don't use anymore!


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