Friday, October 21, 2011

*Football Friday* LA Tech with Amanda

Hi Y'all! Amanda here filling in on FOOTBALL FRIDAY! cause Harri is sick *sadface*

I wanted to stay neutral this week with a crazy out of left field mani! My Alma Mater: Louisiana Tech!
Just a few quick facts about LaTech!

1. Tech is located in teeny tiny Ruston, Louisiana; Home of Karl Malone (I met him once at a chinese food buffet!)
       Ruston also has some of the best peaches I've ever had in my life!
2. Tech is in the WAC: Western Athletic Conference, which includes teams like Hawaii (?!??!) Boise, and Fresno
       Our colors are red and blue and we are the BULLDOGS!
3. Louisiana Tech became the first IN THE WORLD to award a degree in NanoSystems Engineering 2007 (the year i graduated!)
4. When you graduate from Tech you get an engraved brick that goes into a huge walkway recognizing every graduate from Louisiana Tech University.
       as of May 2011 the bricks go up to the graduation year 2000

For this mani I used OPI Alpine Snow and OPI Red and Blue shatter. For the logo I used Zoya Sooki and China Glaze First Mate.

even tho our team tends to flub up a lot, I'm still a proud supporter!

*NOTE from Harri*
Thank you Amanda for doing this for me, I really appreciate you staying up late to get this done for me and showing a Dawg of a different color. ;)  For those of you who ask "Who is Amanda?", she's a non-blogging polish freak that I met through one of my FB polish groups.  I'll be meeting her for the first time & dragging her with me shopping on Black Friday as long as she doesn't have to work that morning.  She did an awesome Steve Jobs tribute mani recently, I think she needs to start blogging!

I was feeling better yesterday and took pics for part of my next review, but I woke up this morning feeling the crud again.  SO, I'll try to get that done this weekend for y'all.  AND, I have to get my giveaway prizes mailed out as all the winners have replied. 


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  1. Awesome job!!!! I didn't go there but I did attend a party or two haha. I don't live far from Ruston and I have a lot of friends that are Tech Alumni. Go Bulldogs!


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