Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dolly Eye Brown lenses from :D

Today I have something really awesome to show you.  I was asked by if I wanted to review some circle lenses & of course I jumped at the opportunity.  The only tough part was picking out which ones I wanted to review.  I wanted some that would be totally epic for Twilight Breaking Dawn since it comes out right after my birthday.  I wasn't sure how they would look on my blue eyes, but went with some brown lenses that looked more yellow than what most people think of as brown.

The lenses I chose were the Dolly Eye Brown in 0 power.  As with my last review for Uniqso, these arrived from Malaysia to my door in just 8 days.  Pretty fast if you ask me.

This is how they came packaged inside a bubble mailer.

Love the paper on that box!

Now to the awesomeness that is what they look like on my eyeballs.  I will say I kinda had to adjust how I insert these, but once they were in I couldn't feel them at all.  I totally forgot they were even in.

Before, one in, both in.

As with anything, make sure you research before use and inform yourself.

Here's some full face pics with a couple that I played around with in Photoshop.  :D

Want your very own Cullen eyes?  Head on over to and use the code HB10 to get 10% off.  :D



  1. That is pretty cool. Did you get any compliments on them?

  2. That is too awesome!! I especially love the sepia toned pic!!! I want some of these now dangit!!

  3. Oh yeah, everyone has loved them so far.


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