Sunday, October 23, 2011

Color Club Breathless & update

I'm feeling like total pooh, so I'm probably going to take a break this week to take care of myself and get better.  Last week, I felt bad for a few days then was getting back to normal and yesterday morning I woke up feeling horrible.  Which really sucks because I wanted to do so much stuff this week for my blog before Halloween.  :(  So, this week, or at least today & tomorrow, will be posts I've previously drafted.  I'm sorry, and I really hate it, but I feel like a zombie and my body is craving rest.

I won this beauty from a giveaway.  I believe it may still be available on Amazon or on some of the polish websites like VictoriaNailSupply.

Recently my nails were the cleanest, meaning no leftover polish, that they've been in a while, so I decided to swatch as many of my sheer/nude/neutral colors as possible.  This is one of like 8 that I did while the kiddo was at school.

I tried to google to see if anyone else described this how I see it, but alas, no other swatches are online.  To me, it's like a slight off-white/pinkish nude.  It's very sheer.  All of my pics below are 4 thin coats with no base or top coat.

Even though I can still see VNL after 4 coats, I actually like this color.  Even with my pale skin, it's still not bad.  I can't wait to actually wear it for a mani.



  1. It's a really nice color and I do like it a lot with your skintone. It really suits you! I hope you will be better soon! :)

  2. lovely! :D please follow my blog to enter my giveaway! :D

  3. i think that color looks good on you!


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