Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers Purple Potion

As I type this post, I'm a little excited and a little sad.  Nouveau Cheap just updated her Wet N Wild On The Prowl sightings map.............and there's ONE NEAR ME!   The only one in the state so far and it's just a few miles away.  I'm sad because I have to wait until Friday to go get it, if there's any left. 

Anywho....back to this polish.  I picked up this LE Halloween polish at Ulta a few weeks ago with a few others, and some for my friend Wendy :D.  The bottles are just TOO stinking cute to pass up.  I chose Purple Potion, Night Glow(glow in the dark)x2, and Black Magic for myself.  I got the creme version of Black Magic, but I'm waiting on a reply about that one as it's supposed to have sparkles/glitter.  Again, I digress.

Purple Potion is like a purple/black base with purple microglitter.  I could, if I hadn't swapped it, compare it possibly to ChG Mummy May I from their Halloween collection last year.  I got complete coverage after only 2 coats.

Enough it is....and I can't remember which top coat I used.

I really like this & absolutely LOVE the bottle.  I picked mine up at Ulta for $1.99, but I'm not sure if any other retailers are going to be carrying these tombstone bottled Fantasy Makers.

BTW, go follow Jeanie over at Midnight Manicures if you don't already.  I'm about to edit some pictures and draft a post to send to her as a guest blogger while she deals with new puppies.



  1. I saw those at Ulta the other day too. Picked them up, put them down. Now I wish I would've bought a few!

  2. Very nice, I didn't think it would look to good, but I'm glad I bought it! If you need Black Magic with glitter, let me know, I have a store which sells them close by :D

  3. Yep I am putting this on next. I love these polishes! So festive.

    <3 Shannon

  4. Too bad I can't find any where I live :( It looks so gorgeous on your nails and man do I love it's packaging?! ♥♥

  5. Those bottles are super cool. Wish we had stuff like that here in the UK. We hadly getting any cool polishes, and none for £1 :-(

  6. I have Purple Potion, Creepy Pumpkin(Neonish orange base and orange glitter that flashes yellow) and Night Glow. For 1.99 I was pleased with the quality of the polish although, as you may expect, the brush is pretty terrible.

    Just today I applied China Glaze's Coconut Kiss on all fingers and Purple Potion on my ring fingers. My nails are not nearly as long or pretty as yours but the effect is till really festive and fun.


  7. P.S.
    Forgot to mention our Ulta has the black with glitter as well. Thus far they aren't flying off the shelves but perhaps will very soon with the change over to October coming up. Would be happy to try and snag you a bottle. I'm in AZ...


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