Monday, September 19, 2011

Pure Ice Heart Breaker

I totally forgot I didn't do a post today, so I'm sharing one sitting in my drafts.  The kiddo has been sick for the past week and is getting better and I also had a death in the family.  I have a guest post scheduled on Midnight Manicures this weekend (I think) and this color is used in my mani so I thought I'd go ahead & show it before she posts my spot.  :D

I've been looking for this polish forever.  I've seen a few bloggers layer this polish and was drooling.  When I finally found it a few weeks ago at Wal-Mart I bought all 3 that they had.  One of these is in my 369 Giveaway!

While it is a layering polish, I wanted to see what it looked like alone.  I would probably classify this wrong, but to me it's not really a jelly, but a sheer polish with very fine flecks of blue and green glitter.  It makes me think of a beautiful ocean.

All the pics below are 4 coats of Heart Breaker alone with no base or top coats.

Not sure why this one is so bright.  LoL

My nails look yellow-ish but aren't.
I will definitely be wearing this over other shades, may play around with it a bit.



  1. Wow, that's FOUR coats?! Yeah, definitely wanna layer that one! haha I can't wait to see it layered!

  2. That's crazy sheer! Your nails look long and beautiful though!


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