Friday, September 2, 2011

*Football Friday* - China Glaze Lubu Heels!

Tomorrow fall officially starts in my opinion.  College football started last night, but until UGA plays nothing else matters.  I am a DIE HARD Georgia Bulldogs fan.  As I told you last week, pretty much everything I own is red & black.  I have a lot of UGA memorabilia laying around.  It's always a good thing in a way because when people aren't sure what to get me as a gift, they can't go wrong with anything UGA.

I have a snuggie, glasses, shotglasses, nail stickers, keychains, stickers, t-shirts, socks, salsa, Coke bottles, as well as a figurine or two, a stuffed bulldog that dances & plays the fight song and a rubber ducky.  I'll try to get them in some of my posts.

During football season, my mornings are spent watching Game Day on ESPN and football all day.  Rarely will I go anywhere on a Saturday unless the game is over or I absolutely have to.

Now back to the polish.  Lubu Heels is a black jelly with small red glitter.  I picked this up at Sally's, but it's part of China Glaze's core line and should be available anywhere you find China Glaze.

While I probably should've tried this polish alone, I went ahead & layered it over Wet N Wild-Ebony Hates Chris.  All pics below are base coat, 2 coats of EHC, 2 coats of Lubu Heels, and SH Insta-Dri topcoat.  I wore this for 8, yes EIGHT days before any chips!

Dunno why this is so dark.

This one either.

My pretty shotglass.  My hand is hiding the handle.

And even though tomorrow is "Spread The Red" day, I'm sporting the red & black on my nails....I'll just wear the red clothes!



  1. You have no idea how excited I am that college football is back! I was going to do a Maize and Blue mani today (Michigan fan til the day I die) but decided to wear teal instead.

    Love the layering you did here. Lubu heels really is a UGA polish, isn't it? :)

  2. LoL, I won't hold Michigan against you. The SO is a Hawkeyes fan....which reminds me I plan to do a mani for that.

    I have teal on my toes. I have SO many red & black polishes that it's not funny. It's like when I see anything red & black I HAVE to have it.

  3. love this color!! I might have to add it to my wishlist

  4. I love this polish. I have it, but haven't tried it yet. I bought it last week or so!

  5. This looks beautiful on you, Harri! I own this, but have never tried it. You inspired me to get it out and put it in the "MUST TRY SOON" pile! Great post!

  6. Just had to comment in response to the Michigan Fan, I am a die hard Mighigan State fan! Go Green! Go Spartans!

    lol, and I love black and red myself, but the red doesn't stick out enough for me on this one. I have it, wore it once, and maybe I'll try again because it looks nice on you!

  7. And I layered over Ebony Hates Chris too! I think next time I will try it alone. :D

  8. This looks GORGEOUS on you! I saw this at Sally's recently and almost bought it, then remembered I had a Sinful Colors already similar to it.

  9. This is the polish that started it all for me. The obsessive hoarding? Lubu Heels did me in. I love it! Your photos look great.


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