Monday, August 22, 2011

My biggest lemming smashed.....Revlon Perplex

When I started blogging last year, I'd basically started looking at my beauty stuff all over again and becoming obsessed.  Then I saw a polish that reminded me of one I had ages ago & it sparked my obsession with polish again.  That polish was Revlon Perplex.

I went on the hunt looking everywhere.  I think I drove the SO crazy looking for it, the WnW Night Elf palette, AND Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure.

Finally I just gave up.  I didn't want to pay the prices I'd seen on Ebay, etc.  I just took it off my wishlist and said if it's meant to be, I'll have it.  Then, one of the polish groups, NP&G, that I'm in comes into play.  A wonderful lady named Katie W. HAD IT.  AND, she was willing to swap!

I got my lemming and had to immediately put it on, but I had to trim my nails down a bit first.  They were starting to get too long and I was afraid of breakage.

SO, here's the beautiful, glorious, amazing, Perplex......

I didn't take many pics because I did this mani at night AND I was having issues with my camera settings.  Not to mention there's a TON of swatches all over the intrawebz.

Even the SO's mom said she loved this color!

If you want this, it can still be found on Amazon and Ebay.  



  1. Huzzah for killing that lemming!

  2. Glad you're enjoying it! It looks PERFECT on you! Thank you for swapping with me - I love mine, too! :-)


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