Tuesday, August 30, 2011

LensVillage.com Circle Lenses

Today for you I have an exciting post.  I am sharing with you, my review of LensVillage.com and their circle lenses. 

This was my first time wearing ANY lenses and there was a slight learning curve, but I picked it up quicker than anything.  The company is amazing.  They have extremely reasonable shipping rates (I'm basing this on shipping costs to the US) and ship internationally as well. 

When picking which ones I wanted, let me tell you, it was tough.  They have at least 400 choices.  I could've easily grabbed at least 5 pairs.  BUT, the ones I chose were the EOS G209 Super Neon Violet.  You can see them on their website by clicking HERE.

Now, to show you the goodies!  There are a lot of pics.  This was packaged extremely well.

This was all inside that cute red mesh bag in the package!

out of the bubble wrap
I'm going to go ahead & say this now.  I am only slightly nearsighted, so I got these with no prescription as I do not require daily use of contacts or glasses.  Their website has a wonderfully informative FAQ and Information tab!  If you need help on how to open these, check YouTube.  I watched several videos before I opened them so I didn't damage anything, including myself.

Before: without contacts.  My natural blue eyes.

Close-up before.

One lens in, one out.  I wanted to show the difference here.

I got them both in!  AMAZEBALLS!

I <3 this!
I think these look amazing.  When I posted some pics to my personal Facebook page I had comments like crazy.  At first, some didn't even notice the color difference until I pointed it out.  It almost looks like I edited my own eyes with Photoshop, but I didn't. In the pics below, however, I was playing with Photoshop and I'm showing you a full face.

Only cropped this one.
 The 2 pics below were edited, as I was bored. 

I wore these for a few hours Friday to kinda adjust and learn how to put them in/take them out.  At first, it felt like my eyes were a little glazed over, but that went away very quickly.  Saturday, I wore them out while shopping for at least 8 hours and completely forgot they were in until I looked in the mirror. 

I think you should ALL go and like them on FACEBOOK & visit their WEBSITE to order from them! :D

What do y'all think?


Disclaimer: These products were sent to me by LensVillage to review.  The opinions expressed here are my own and completely honest. 


  1. you look great with them! If I ever decide to try contacts again, I might pick something fun like this!

  2. Wow those look awesome!!! :D

  3. You had me at AMAZEBALLS! hee hee

    Okay I've reallllly wanted to try these and was going to get some from http://www.uniqso.com and thought I might not wear them since I've never had any contacts or anything.

    Now your post is making me want to go and get some!

  4. These are great !!! Do you have any idea if they will work over brown eyes very well, I'm looking at some pretty honey colored ones...

  5. I believe so Mooni. If you go to their site, there's a videos tab that links to YouTube reviews!


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