Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Layering with KleanColor Chunky Holo Scarlet

Recently I did a swap with the wonderful and fellow polish freak Kayelyn.  This was one of the KleanColors I got and I LOVE it.  If you didn't know already, red & black are my 2 fav colors.  I'm sure that as college football season nears, I'll be doing a LOT more red & black mani's. 

I wanted to try this, but I didn't want to layer it over black the first time I used it.  I'll be doing enough of that soon.  I was looking through some of my untrieds and instantly thought to try it over Sally Hansen Wined Up which I showed the other day. 

On the nail, layered over Wined Up, this flashes red/orange.  In the bottle, you can see it flash red/orange/green/and I think yellow.  Actually if I hold my hand the right way, I can see a flash of green. 

I've had this mani on for 6 days and I'm just now showing a little bit of tip wear, no chipping though. 



  1. super pretty.. please follow back

  2. I don't like the color but I love how it looks underneath your awesome top coat :D

  3. You do like your vampy colors!


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