Friday, August 5, 2011

*Fail Friday* - Holo Glitter Shatter Fail

My last 2 posts have shown my steps up to this fail.

I recently used some of the $3.50 off $10 purchase coupons at Ulta and got OPI Silver & Turquoise shatters along with 4 Ulta polishes on clearance.  Each transaction was $7.40 which is less than just getting the shatters at regular price. 

I now have all but the blue shatter by OPI and well the Pink when it comes out in Oct/Sept.  I swatched these on a wheel first & used the same method as I would with Black Shatter.  Very thin coat on dry polish.  WELL, I didn't do these thin and it shows.

So, this is my Holo Glitter Shatter Fail.

Silver on my left hand under the lamp.

Silver in the sun.

Turquoise on my right hand in the sun.

Turquoise on my right hand in the sun.

I'll have to use these again & make sure I use a thin coat!



  1. That's what happens to me everytime I use a shatter. If I try for a thin coat it barely shatters at all with a bunch of just teeny-tiny lines you can barely see the base coat through. If I try the thick coat I get good wide cracks, but maybe one or two on the whole nail. I'm done with shatter.

  2. It was my first time applying these on my nails. The nail wheel swatch looked fine, but I screwed up on my own nail somehow. Probably didn't help I was sleepy putting it on.


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