Thursday, August 11, 2011

Color Club Uptown Dash

Today for you I have Uptown Dash from Color Club.  I was fortunate to win this in a giveaway, and I love the color.  I believe it's still available on and  I'm not sure if it's still in the "core" line of colors.

I had a hard time capturing the color of this polish in the pics under my natural light which are the last 3.  The first 3 were just taken sitting in my living room and are more true to the actual color.  It's kinda like a Mahogany or Bittersweet Crayola Crayon color.  Yes, I went and looked at my own crayons.  :D

It reminds me of the retro colors and kinda like that ugly shag carpeting from the 70's.  BUT, I love the color.

Please excuse the sloppiness of the polish.  I'm using it as a base color for a mani I'll show you tomorrow.

 I don't like how the natural lamp makes this color look red.



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