Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Glitter Franken!

This franken was inspired by the one done by rebecca likes nails which you can see HERE.  I wasn't sure which base color I wanted to use, but knew I didn't want purple as I have a ton of purples.  I didn't have enough pink cremes to make a pink base so it was either green or blue. 

I chose blue.  I didn't write down exact measurements of anything because I basically had to play around.  I ended up running out of room in the first bottle and the blue looked too dark.  So, I played around some and ended up using another bottle to kinda make it lighter and ended up with 2 bottles of this polish. 

Now to the pics, you'll see what I used later....

1 coat.

2 coats.

3 coats.

4 coats

4 coats

4 coats (flash)

You can still slightly see VNL (visible nail line), but not too bad.  I'm OCD and really hate seeing VNL, but didn't really mind with this.  I did, kinda mess up on my odd-shaped pinky by not covering the edge, but oh well.  LoL

Now, to what I used.  Again, no measurements here just dabbling around.

~ CLEAR (I think I used just WnW Wild Shine clear top coat)
~ SALLY GIRL PINK GLITTER (No name, but on the upper right of the barcode sticker it has the # 812005)
~ WET N WILD SAVED BY THE BLUE (to take some of the purple away from the Peri-wink-le)
~ OPI MOON OVER MUMBAI (to lighten b/c I added too much saved by the blue)

What do y'all think?  I really like it.  Now I just have to think of a name for it.



  1. Wow this is great in for coat :D Beautiful .

  2. Looks pretty nice :)

    Btw, I tagged you for a couple more blog awards so head over to my blog for details!


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